Adobe After Effects (Beta) Installation Process

Welcome everyone to the Solution360services. Today I will show you how to easily install Adobe After Effects (Beta). Please follow below steps:-

Step: 01 (Registration process for creating an account in Adobe Creative Cloud)

01)   From any browser, type Adobe After Effects in Google and search

Search AE

02)   Click – After Effects Free Download & Free Trial

03)   Click – Start free Trial (Try After Effects with a 7-day free trial)

Trial AE

04)   Click – Business or Teams (Business or Team that exists. Previously there was Team, now it has changed to Business). Individual need Credit Card

Team AE

05)   Click – Continue (Both business and team processes are shown here).

06)    The following form should be filled -Try Creative Cloud for teams


07)   We have filled this form with some fake information because some countries are not eligible to install Adobe Beta version.

          a) Business email: Your Email

           b) First Name: Your first Name                        C) Last Name: Your last Name

           c) Company Name: Self                                       d) Company Size: 1-9

          e) Country: United States                                   f) State/province: Alaska

           g) Zipcode: 99501 (Search Alaska Zip code from Google)

          h) Business Phone: 1206-244-0751 (Search USA Alaska phone number from Google)

08)   After filling all the information click continue

09)   Sign up with email & Continue

          a) E-mail: Used in Business email

          b) New Password

Account Create

10)   Filled the Date of birth & done or Create Account

11)   Download Creative Cloud


Step: 02 (Install of Creative Cloud)

          a) Install Creative Cloud

          b) Account Authentication click continue & start installing

          c) Sign in with your email after installation

Step: 03 (Login to your creative colud desktop app)

          a) Click Adobe After Effects (Beta) in left side

          b) Click Install on the right side of the apps you want to install.

          c) Sign out of your creative cloud desktop app after installation


Step: 04 (Patch) (Please disable all securities like- a) All types of antivirus b) Firewall c) Windows defender before downloading the patch)

    a) Download Patch

    b) Install path as you need (please see video)

    c) After the installation patch, Sign in of your creative.

    d) Open your desired software, thanks.

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