What is Color?

A component of light that is separated when it is reflected from an object is what is meant by color (American English) or color (Commonwealth English). Light is necessary if you want to see the color. Some colors jump out of an object when light hits it, while others are absorbed. Only colors that bounce or reflect can be seen by our eyes.

However, there are numerous color characteristics that are primarily thematic in art design. When two or more colors are mixed to create an appealing effect, these share characteristics.

Adobe Illustrator Color

There are two varieties of Adobe Illustrator Document Color Mode: (i) CMYK, and (ii) RGB

(i) CMYK:

meaning black, yellow, magenta, and cyan. It is based on the fact that ink on paper absorbs light. By absorbing or subtracting, mixing pure cyan, magenta, and yellow pigments turns all colors black. They are referred to as subtraction colors for this reason. The value range for CMYK process inks is 0% to 100%. AI, EPS, and PDF are the finest file types for CMYK.


For any project design that will be physically printed and not be viewable on a screen, we use CMYK.

CMYK projects include:

1) Branding: stationary, stickers, signs, business cards, and letterhead.
2) Advertising: car wraps, billboards, periodicals, brochures, posters, leaflets, and flyers.
3) Products like T-shirts, caps, pens, and mugs.
4) Important supplies: product packaging and menus.

(ii) RGB:

translates to red, green, and blue. Since adding R, G, and B results in the color white, RGB colors are referred to as additive colors. RGB elements can utilize a value between 0 and 255, or “white.” Lighting, mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, cameras, televisions, and computer monitors all employ RGB color. The ideal RGB file types are JPEG, PNG, and GIF.


RGB projects include:

1) Web and app design: Icons, web buttons, and app design graphics.
2) Branding: Online advertisements, banners, and logos.
3. Social media: Status updates, cover photos, and backgrounds.
4) Visual content, including infographics, digital graphics, and video animations.