Photoshop Actions (Part: 06)

Photoshop Action (Basic – Advance)

Part-06: Masking Layer Center

In this tutorial, I will explain how to make center in Masking Layer. It is the important action in Photoshop.

Step by step-

  • Select the layer

Select Layer

  • Create new Action (Please see the Action part:01 for creating new action)

new action

  • Select Masking (Ctr+Click on masking)

select masking

  • Duplicate the layer (Ctrl+j) Please the Action part:04 for Action shortcut.
  • Rename the layer. (Double Click the layer change ss or any other name & hit enter)
  • Select back layer (Alt+[) Please see action shortcut part: 04
  • Hide the current layer

Hide Layer

  • Select both layer (Current layer +Front Layer) (Shift+Alt+]) Please see action shortcut part: 04
  • Group the selected layers (Ctrl+G) Please see action shortcut part: 04

group layer

  • Select the Canvas (Ctrl+A) (If move tool not selected, please select move tool)
  • Align Vertical Center & Horizontal Center


  • De-Select the Canvas (Ctrl+D)
  • Ungroup the selected group (Shift+Ctrl+G)
  • Select Rename Layer (SS) using a mouse
  • Delete the selected Rename (ss) layer using Keyboard Delete Button
  • Visible the hide layer


  • Stop the Action

Stop Action




Saleh Ahmed