Photoshop Script & Action

Automating your tasks with the help of digital tools can significantly improve your productivity and the quality of your work, regardless of the type of graphic design project you are working on. A script is a set of instructions that tells Photoshop to execute one or more tasks. Photoshop supports scripts written in AppleScript, JavaScript, or VBScript, and scripting is done externally. The platform supports languages that support COM automation, and JavaScript can be used as a cross-platform language, while both VBScript and AppleScript are also common.

Photoshop is famous for its support for filters and actions, but scripts provide a third way to enhance the functionality of Adobe’s image editing tool. Photoshop scripts are similar to actions, but they can make conditional decisions during processing, which allows them to be more intelligent. They have access to the entire set of Photoshop functionality, including elements that are not easily accessible with actions alone. As a result, they can perform tasks that are not possible with actions alone.

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